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Hard Line Bundle Includes: 

(1) Honey 12pc $57.00

(1) Shot 12pc $60.00

(1) Tablet Bag of 6 (Platinum) 24pc $600.00

(1) Tablet (Platinum) 24pc $108.00

(1) Tabet (Black) 24pc $108.00

(1) Tablet (Gold) 24pc $114.00


All avaliable individually

XCALIBUR Line of Enhancers (Bundle)

  • Please see just a few of our top sellers in the attached document.


    For any further information or inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at the contact details below:


    Tracy Sales

    182A 26th Street

    Brooklyn, NY 11232


    Phone: (P) 718-369-7790

    Fax: (F) 718-499-7790



    Kind Regards,


    Tracie Chellis

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